who we are

HIG Intelligence is a multinational strategic communications agency that provides expert intelligence, innovation and influence solutions to investors, corporations, governments, and non-governmental organizations.  We combine highly effective, cutting-edge technology, advanced behavioral psychology, and multi-level  intelligence collection techniques adapted for civilian use from military applications to provide unparalleled  intelligence gathering campaign results that protects the bottom line and reputations of our clients . Combining the precision of data analytics with the insights of behavioral psychology we provide our clients with the knowledge and solutions they need to make sound, informed decisions in today’s competitive business environment.


Our patented intelligence collection methodologies and superior skills serve as the foundation for all of our operational efforts. H.I.G employs a one-of-a-kind methodology and capability to gather “game-changing” intelligence. Our operational capabilities combine a multi-level, all-encompassing approach to intelligence gathering:

  • OSINT (Open source intelligence)
  • SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence)
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence) – in collaboration with senior analysts and subject matter specialists.